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🔥+ Acid Reflux Symptoms In Child 14 Jul 2020 Heartburn is a symptom of many different conditions, including acid reflux and GERD. It typically feels like a burning in the center of your chest, ...

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The Reflux Center

Burning. Pain. Trouble swallowing. These are just a few of the symptoms caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD results when acids in your stomach leak back, or reflux, into your esophagus, causing irritation and pain. It most commonly develops when the muscle at the end of your esophagus (the esophageal sphincter) does not close properly. You may feel heartburn and other discomfort in your chest and throat, which can interfere with your ability to eat, sleep, or work comfortably.

GERD is one of the most common digestive problems in the United States—but there’s no need for you to suffer.

At Hackensack University Medical Center’s Reflux Center, our GERD team evaluates your symptoms and matches you with the most effective treatment to resolve your discomfort, improve your quality of life, and prevent more serious problems down the road. From the latest medications to surgery, along with the most advanced and innovative endoscopic treatments—including the EsophyX® transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF) procedure and the LINX® Reflux Management System—we have specialists who provide every type of GERD treatment. Which treatment is right for you? Call us today at 551-996-1770 to start learning more — so you can start feeling better.

Do I Have GERD?

If you have any of these symptoms more than twice a week and they are not for 1 last update 14 Jul 2020 going away, you may have GERD:If you have any of these symptoms more than twice a week and they are not going away, you may have GERD:

  • Burning in your chest or throat (heartburn), which may be worse at night
  • Tasting stomach/sour fluid in the back of your mouth
  • Dry cough
  • Asthma symptoms
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Hoarseness or laryngitis

Make the Call Today

Contact us at the Reflux Center at 551-996-1770. One of our nurses will ask you about your symptoms, medical history, prior treatments, and insurance and direct you to a GERD physician who can help get to the root cause of your symptoms. Calling us is the first step toward feeling better.

Make An Appointment

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Our Reflux Center Team

Our team includes gastroenterologists, thoracic surgeons, general surgeons, surgical oncologists, nurses, and technicians who collaborate to diagnose and treat GERD. They meet regularly in a multidisciplinary conference. combining their expertise to discuss the best care for each patient. The team collects data on all of our patients and tracks and analyzes outcomes, with the goal of continuously improving the care we provide.

A Full Suite of Diagnostic Tests

Heartburn can be caused by multiple disorders. At Hackensack University Medical Center, we offer all the tests you need to see what is causing your symptoms. You may have one or more of these exams:

  • Physical exam
  • Upper GI (gastrointestinal) series (barium swallow). You drink a special fluid that makes your digestive system visible on an x-ray.
  • Upper endoscopy or EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy). This exam looks inside your esophagus, stomach, and duodenum using a thin, lighted tube (endoscope).
  • Esophageal manometry. This exam checks the strength of your esophagus muscles to see if you have any problems with reflux or swallowing.
  • pH monitoring. This test checks the pH (acid level) in your esophagus through a thin, plastic tube advanced into your esophagus.
  • Impedance testing. This approach allows us to see the reflux of acid plus nonacid liquid and air in your esophagus. It is combined with pH monitoring.

The Most Advanced GERD Treatments Available

Some patients can achieve relief of their GERD symptoms through lifestyle changes—such as altering the diet, sleeping with the head elevated, quitting smoking, and losing weight. Medication can also help, including proton pump inhibitors and H2-receptor blockers, which decrease the production of stomach acid.

However, these medications are not meant for long-term use. They relieve GERD symptoms, but not their cause. If you continue to have GERD symptoms despite taking these drugs for six months or more, or after making lifestyle changes, you may benefit from an endoscopic or surgical procedure performed by one of our experienced Reflux Center experts.

Laparoscopic Fundoplication

Acid Reflux Symptoms In Child Heartburn Naturally (👍 Why) | Acid Reflux Symptoms In Child How To Get Ridhow to Acid Reflux Symptoms In Child for Fundoplication is an operation designed to increase the pressure around the lower esophagus and block acid from entering the stomach.

  • The surgeon wraps the top portion of the stomach around the lower part of the esophagus to support the weakened lower esophageal muscle.
  • By reinforcing the muscle and allowing it to close, it prevents acid from bubbling up into the esophagus.
  • Fundoplication is typically performed using minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery techniques, and this remains an option for some patients. The surgeons on our Reflux Center team have exceptional experience performing this procedure, which is completed through several small abdominal incisions.

Endoscopic Fundoplication with EsophyX

Hackensack University Medical Center gastroenterologists now offer an even less invasive approach to fundoplication called the EsophyX TIF procedure, which is performed through a scope inserted through your mouth and into your esophagus. The entire procedure is completed from inside your esophagus and stomach—with no abdominal incisions. Our team will let you know if EsophyX is an option for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • While you are under general anesthesia, the doctor advances the endoscope into your esophagus.
  • The doctor folds the upper part of your stomach up and around the lower portion of your esophagus.
  • Fasteners are implanted into the fold to anchor it in place, reinforcing the valve and preventing regurgitation of fluid from the stomach into the esophagus.
  • The TIF procedure is done in an outpatient setting. You can go home the same day.
  • Research has shown that the TIF procedure safely and effectively eliminates GERD symptoms over the long term.

The Power of Magnets

Our surgeons offer the LINX System, a small flexible bracelet-like band of interlinked titanium magnetic beads. The band—which is just a bit larger than a quarter—is wrapped around the lower esophagus, just above the stomach, during laparoscopic surgery. The magnetic attraction between the beads keeps the esophageal sphincter closed when you are not eating, to prevent reflux of food. When you swallow, the magnetic bond is temporarily broken, with the band expanding to allow food and liquid to pass into your stomach. The force of the magnets closes the sphincter again when you are done swallowing. Here’s what to expect during the LINX operation:

  • You are placed under general anesthesia.The surgeon makes a few small incisions in your abdomen for the laparoscopic instruments.
  • The LINX band is placed around your lower esophagus.
  • The instruments are removed and the incisions are stitched closed.
  • Most patients go home the day of surgery and resume a normal diet.

Preventing Esophageal Cancer

Inflammation from reflux can cause a condition known as Barrett’s esophagus. This is a disorder in which the inner lining of the esophagus becomes abnormal and thickened, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to stomach acids in people with long-term GERD. If left untreated, Barrett’s esophagus may progress to cancer.

Our doctors monitor patients with Barrett’s esophagus using periodic endoscopy. When caught early, Barrett’s changes in the esophagus can be treated using radiofrequency ablation (the application of intense heat) or cryotherapy (intense cold) to destroy abnormal tissue, or by surgically removing superficial lesions (a procedure called endoscopic mucosal resection). The Hackensack University Medical Center team offers all of these treatments.

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